Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis

Each client has a handwriting analysis included in their initial session.

You may also want one done for someone you know…

What can you tell about a potential employee, business partner, client/patient, or lover’s handwriting? 

      • Self confidence

      • Self-image

      • Boundaries toward self and others

      • Emotions level of expression

      • Energy level

      • Attitude, interests, and abilities

      • Sense of humor

      • Level of education

      • Attention to detail

      • Talkative or closed mouthed

      • Suggestibility and sexuality

      • Honesty level

      • Trying to hide something

      • Thrifty/generous

      • Right brained/left brained/somnambulist

      • Aggressive/passive

      • Family orientated/self-orientated

      • Introverted/extroverted

      • Spiritual/ego orientated/subconscious survivalist

      • Optimistic/pessimistic

      • Moody/stable

      • Lack follow through/slow to start but great follow through

      • Easy to get along with others/hard for others to understand

      • Emotionally ruled/head ruled

      • Sexual confidence

      • Signs of fear, paranoia, or suspicion

      • Indecision and confusion

      • Fragmented thought process

      • Adaptable/lacking in ability to adapt

      • Level of concentration

      • Desire to conform/artistic

      • Suicidal or crying out  for help

      Partners traits can be compared next to one another to see whether they are natural opposites, their compatibility, and possible appeal to one another.

      • Pushy and impatient/desire to get along

      • Simple/vain

      • Able to keep a secret/unable to keep a secret

      • One who always brings up the past

      • Clingy

      • Materialistic

      • Giver/tendency to think of self

      • Fun-loving

      • Self-protecting

      • Afraid to lose control/afraid of rejection

      • Are they comfortable with being touched and intimacy?

      • Abnormal sexual desires

      • Not content in present relationship

      • Frustrated personally or sexually

      • Desire for more masculine or feminine body


     *Some personality traits are fixed and others are unfixed traits. Handwriting is ideomotor or basically like a mirror of how your brain is operating at the moment and seen through your handwriting. 









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