Neuro Linguistic Programing

We use the latest in N.L.P. methods of modeling human excellence and communication skills to create a strong foundation for success on a personal and professional level.

We use your own information processing style, skills, and background with N.L.P. techniques to further self help/self mastery.

We Help You

  • Understand yourself better 

  • Learn strategies and anchors to create positive resource states

  • Build your sensory acuity 

  • Quickly build rapport with others with minimal effort

  • Learn techniques to problem solve effieciently

  • Set achievable goals

  • Adapt/learn flexibility techniques

  • Model others for success



  • Mirror matching (breathing rate, location, words, and body language)

  • Pacing and leading

  • Calibrating

  • Meta/Milton Models

  • Anchoring (resource, chaining, and collapsing)

  • Breaking states

  • Internal and external shifting

  • Chunking

  • Re-framing

  • Swish

  • Like to dislike

  • Circle of excellence

  • Time line therapy

  • Sales/negotiations

  • Buying and love strategies

  • Motivation strategies

  • Parts integration ( helps you when you want two opposite options at the same time)




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