Stop Smoking Now!

It’s That Time Isn’t It?

Smoking Cessation has a 75% Effective Rate…

Together we:

  • Change your associations with cigarettes

  • Change your associations with smoking

  • Change your connection with your breath

  • Re-identify with a healthier happier self

  • Take back control

  • Replace smoking with healthier options and habits

Use regression to re-identify with our non-smoker

  • We go to a time before you saw yourself as a smoker

  • Identify why you started smoking

  • Ask your higher Self what you need to stop smoking

Bring awareness to the reality of where you are now

  • How long have you been smoking

  • Use imagery to expose associations that may not be based in truth

As if a fork in the road 

  • Use time progression to fully see, hear, and feel your options

  • Make more positive association with being a non-smoker in your sub-conscious mind


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